WORds make us happy - WORds make us wonder - WORds make us disgusted... WORds does a trick on us!

In this performance, hvid støj celebrates words in the Danish language with music, humour, dancing and playing. Words and letters are literally thrown around on stage, where they get entangled with each other and mingle with stories, a dancing alphabet, a humorous uncle, a vocabulary and even a 'WORdpolice'.

WORd is a performance for the 6-10 year-olds, and it is inspired by the spelling of young children, who do not take the rules of spelling into account yet - with focus on the silent letters that might creep up on you like a ninja!

WORd is a dynamic 3D-dictionary with WORd-creation, new composed music and physical WORd-images. With WORd, hvid støj invites children and their adults into a WORd-universe, which raises a playful wish to learn, a curiosity and wonderment towards our use of words and their meaning.

  • How did words come into existence?
  • What if we weren't able to talk, but instead had to communicate by signals like animals do?
  • How does a blackbird sing a thriller?

"'WORd' is every teacher's dream", wrote Anne Middelboe Christensen at Teateravisen.dk (Online newspaper about theater) after the premiere in September, 2014.


Funded by:

the Danish Arts Council's Commitee for Performing Artsthe Municipality of AarhusÅbne SceneBUPL’s Solidaritets- og KulturpuljeThe Operating Organisation Godsbanen


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