Youth theatre about the big questions in life - up close...

It's audience inclusive theatre and a special way of experiencing a performance! - Not improvisational theatre, but you may be asked to make a paper airplane, hold something, or bring your stool to somewhere else in the room...  because the meaning of life very much concerns you! 

”Do you ever get scared that nothing really matters? Sometimes it feels like all of humanity could disappear from the face of the earth for ever, and it wouldn't make a difference. Life. Death. Beginning. Ending.” 

These are the thoughts Laura ponders on at continuation school. She decides to ensconce herself at her room. It doesn't make sense to act any other way.

hvid støjs latest youth theatre performance lets the big existential thoughts grab a hold of us. Because, does it really exist - the meaning of it all? Or is it just something all of us, youngsters and grown ups, silently pretends to exist?

THE FIRE is new Danish drama with a specially composed soundscape – theatre that hits, touches and makes a ruckus for all from 13 years and up.

hvid støjs artistic ambition with the performance is to create a youth theatre production where the spectator has the most direct interaction with the performance, plot and characters as possible – and where one isn't distanced as a conventional “audience in a theatre looking at a performance on a stage”. That is why the audience is placed on stools in the scenographic space; a “box” where the audience and performers are equally leveled inside the scenography.

THE FIRE is among other things inspired by the Japanese youth phenomenon Hikikomori, which means self-ensconsing or self-imprisonment - which in our part of the world is recognizable in all our ultra-digitalized lives, possibly lived mostly without “real” physical contact; nihilism; religions - and, yes, in some existential philosophy. In the center is the teenager and all the “trues” and/or “falses” one has to handle and find ones own basis as a soon-to-be adult. The performance unfolds amongst students at a Danish continuation school.

THE FIRE is indeed an audience inclusive performance - during the production process, audience was invited from week one! And these exciting and rewarding meetings, reflections and exchanges with the young audience continued throughout the whole process. Some of the young audiences were so brave that they agreed to reflect on their experiences in an interview-film, watch it here:

hvid støj owes a great  thanks to: Efterskolen for Scenekunsts year 12/13, 13/14 & 14/15 + teachers, Østervangskolens 9th grade + teachers (Randers), Rønbækskolens 8th grade+ teachers (Hinnerup), Skovvangskolens 8th grade+teachers (Hammel) og Elsted Skoles 8th grade + teachers (Aarhus).

Funded by:

the Danish Arts Council's Committee for Performing Artsthe Municipality of AarhusÅbne Scenethe Danish Arts Foundation's Sound Arts Committee for Rythmic Music The Operating Organisation Godsbanen


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