Senses of Cities

- meet Laura one early morning in the sensuous theatre

A sensuous artistic theatre experience in 3 parts containing a sensational movable sculpture with placement in the city's landscape, which both holds an interactive installation of senses, and also contains a stage for a sensuous theatrical performance for the entire family - from 3 years and up.

Is fantasy the sixth sense? And can you taste a sound and swallow it?

Senses of Cities invites children and adults on an exploratory journey into our senses. Inside a gigantic sensuous sculpture, the audience gets to explore a built-in interactive installation of senses, in which they can test and challenge their senses by tasting, smelling, feeling, seeing, and hearing. The sculpture also includes a stage for a sensuous performance for the entire family. During the musical theatre performance, the actors Stine and Jakob will wake up the puppet Laura along with hers – and your – senses.

Sculpture with placement in the city's landscape: open day and night.

The sculpture in Senses of Cities can be seen day and night, as it attracts attention in the city's landscape with its huge eyes, ears, nose, mouth, fingers, and a gigantic behind!

Installation of senses: could be open without having the performances, provided that the organizing unit has a volunteer corps to supervise.

Through the tactile tongue and the mouth-door, children and adult walk into the sculpture, and to the installation of senses, where they can explore all of the five senses - hear, feel, smell, see and taste.

Theatrical performance for the young audience:

The scenes take place around the 5 internal senses. The sensuous impressions made by the installation are gathered in the performance in a narrative sensuous story. The actor's costumes contains the five senses through elements made of soft, scratchy, sticky fabrics that the audiences are prompt to touch, hidden speakers generating sound, and pockets that holds pastilles for the audience to tast.

When the sensuous experience is digested, the audience is let out of the behind with a fart....

hvid støj wishes to give all sizes a sensational artistic explosion of their senses with Senses of Cities!

In 2017 we are touring around the Central Denmark Region in a collaboration with Aarhus 2017.
In 2018 we are touring around all of Denmark.

Do you want to hear more about Senses of Cities - please contact the theatre: phone +45 61 71 90 17 or e-mail info(AT)

Scenen - Senses Of Cities

Funded by:

the Danish Arts Foundation's Committe for Performing Arts Project Fundingthe Aarhus 2017 Foundationthe Municipality of Aarhusthe fund of Spar NordGodsbanen – the Centre for Cultural Production in Aarhusthe fund of Nordeathe fund of Axel Muusfeldts