Hair Here and There

Humorous and informative theatre-tour-de-force about puberty's change of the body.

...I'm just thinking - what is even the point of having breasts, when your 9? ...... My mother and father cannot really give me an answer.

Hitting puberty is not fun, but to hit puberty prematurely is no fun at all! An everyday life with hormone disruptive chemicals can be one of many causes as to why children hits puberty earlier and earlier than they did only 15 years ago. hvid støj cannot change these causes, but with this energetic theatre performance we want to give the specific demographic and their adults an artistic tool they can use for understanding what is happening inside the body, when the pituitary gland sets off the hormones - because it is time NOW!

And it is going to happen! EVERYBODY must go through puberty. It is waiting inside - ticking. Period, hair and erection at night. Hair Here and There is a performance for the (pre)pubertal audience, and is a scenic contribution to the mystery of the changeable journey one must undergo from child to adolescence.

Hair Here and There has been on tour for 4 seasons since the first performance in March 2011 and is not currently on tour.

Funded by:

the Danish Arts Council's Committee for Performing Artsthe Municipality of Aarhus - the Fund for Cultural DevelopmentÅrhus Stiftstidendes FondBUPL's Solidaritets og KulturfondTuborgfondet