I was born on the hottest day of the year… there wasn’t anything wrong with me. At least not anything visible… but I’m overall awkward. Just ugly, fat and stupid to listen to…

Nanna cuts herself but she doesn’t really know why. Life imposes itself and insists on being lived. But how do you live your life when you feel like Nanna does?

CUT// grapples with the problem of girls hurting themselves – a sadly present issue: in Denmark statistics show that every 6th teenage girl has tried hurting herself. A thematic line is drawn from H.C. Andersen’s sensitive princess in ”The Princess and the Pea” to the young cutters, to whom it isn’t the small pea, but life itself that hurts.
In a fusion between performance, dance, music, light and text, CUT// gives the audience an insight in the everyday life of a young self-hurter.

CUT// is written and developed in close collaboration between writer and dramatist Linda Klein and Charlotte Ladefoged. It's hvid støj’s debut performance, and it's highly praised by critics, colleagues, the young audience and their adults.

Foto: hvid støj sceneproduktion

Funded by:

The Danish Arts Councilthe Municipality of Aarhus - the Fund for Cultural Developmentthe Bikuben FoundationBUPL's Solidaritets- og kulturpuljeThe Association ØstifterneThe Association Against Eating Disorders and Self-hurting