A performance for the 2-6 year-olds - a playful, sculptural and musical animation play.
Genesis told by dough, baking ingredients, kitchen utensils... and very few words.

In the beginning the cake tins are empty - “In the beginning the earth was empty and formless”... And like God created light, the world, and man in seven days, the performance displays a recipe in seven steps. One: to turn on the oven; “and there was light”.

CREATE is hvid støj’s toddlers theatre debut - why we are even more proud than ever, that it has been received so very well with more than 200 shows since the premiere in October 2012.

CREATE is told through a new composed musical score and is CREATEd for your senses with music, animation and odours. The performance stimulates the imagination and brings out your wish to explore wellknown elements from your day. The children get caught up in CREATE's playfulness and the univers that is CREATEd out of nowhere right in front of them.


"Playful toddlers’ theater, where spontaneity and creative urge are center stage [...] It’s a wonderful and delicate story, that vividly tells a classic tale in a new and exciting way. You are drawn into the magical universe that opens up to you as you look at the world through childrens’ curious eyes. It can lead to many giving talks about how children and adults do things differently, and of course about Genesis itself."

✭✭✭✭✭ Children in the City (Parental magazin)

"Vivid and at the same time in a suitable pace and with a gentle presence for the audience between 2 to 6 years old. The merits of the performance are its well-adjusted mixture of familiar everyday doings and creative imagination, as well as Its ability by artistic means to engage in a pingpong play with the child’s (fantasy)world, or a further development of that world."

✭✭✭✭ Århus Stiftstidende (newspaper)

Funded by:

The Municipality of AarhusThe Danish Arts FundationThe Association of Danish Scenographers Copyright AdministrationThe Operating Organisation Godsbanen


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