[boX] [Up]

From 5 months to 5-year-olds and their families

Cardboard boxes aren’t only cardboard boxes – they create worlds! Row in the waves and salty sea-air, and experience an abundant forest growing right in front of you, before it in an instant, transforms into a new landscape. Hide in giant cardboard boxes or build with tiny cardboard blocks – but keep an eye out for the mischievous friend’s attempt to topple the tower!

With themselves, each other and cardboard boxes actors Anna and Kasper build universes in the finest manner of a child’s logic, which they together with the audience experience and understand through the endless possibilities of play. Because that’s the nature of play – it’s imaginative, wondrous, ever-changing and with its own, unique logic and pace. Only imagination can limit play and where it takes you? Will you follow?

Supported by sensuous music, [boX] [Up] offers a quality experience that stimulates the whole sensory apparatus and reminds grown-ups of the importance of play for our understanding of the world.

Funded by:

The Danish Arts FoundationThe Municipality of AarhusThe Operating Organisation GodsbanenBUPL Solidarity and Culture Fund