7 Songs of Conscience

How pure is your sound? An insight into the diversity of the conception of conscience - for 8-13 year-olds.

10 well-known Danish personalities have shared their thoughts on conscience - and this cabaret will be orchestrated in exactly that field of tension. It will become a choir of opinions from the darkest of conscience to the purest.


”I shouldn't spend all of my pocket money on candy, argh... I should visit my aunt Sagal more often. I haven't practiced on my guitar for 3 weeks now - I need to get started on that again! But I just helped my dad mow the lawn, and I brought in the neighbour's laundry when it rained..."  - do we need to continue?

Conscience. We all have it... and conscience is a very elastic concept. It moves from a big, mutual conscience to one that only concerns oneself. Maybe there are as many variations as there are people?

We asked ten well-known personalities, who have a remarkable impact on Danish society, to share their thoughts, knowledge and experiences with conscience in texts for hvid støj.

These texts are the foundation of, and are integrated into, the performance 7 Songs of Conscience. By letting ten different "voices" give their take on the subject, interesting clashes occur - and in this field of tension the performance emerges as a musical examination, in which the audience plays an active part. It will become a choir of opinions from the darkest of conscience to the purest.


The 10 strong personalities are: 

  • Bodil Jørgensen (Actress & satirist)
  • Henrik Qvortrup (Journalist, former spindoctor & political commentator at TV2)
  • Lina Rafn (Singer, songwriter, producer for Infernal, and X-factor judge)
  • Bubber (TV-host among others at ’Bubbers Badekar’, ’Danmark ifølge Bubber’ )
  • Tina Lund (Professional equestrian/Show jumper)
  • Brian Holm (Former professional road bicycle rider, sports director & municipal board member for the Conservative Party)
  • Ann-E. Knudsen (Scientist, writer & lecturer on brain- & heart-studies of children)
  • Özlem Sara Cekic (Former member of parliament for the Socialist People's Party, lecturer)
  • Ditte Hansen (TV-host & actress in DR2 ’Louise og Ditte’, Cirkus Revy and more)
  • Claus Holm (Chef, taste developer, lecturer, and more)

Funded by:

the Danish Arts Council's Commitee for Performing ArtsÅbne SceneThe Operating Organisation GodsbanenWilhelm Hansen FondenAxel Muusfeldts fondBUPL's Solidaritets- og kulturpuljeThe Danish Arts Foundation's Commitee for Music Grants


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